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If you can answer ‘yes’ to any of the questions below I can offer you a solution.

  • Have you successfully dieted in the past and then blamed yourself when the weight went back on?
  • Have you dieted so much over the years you can’t remember what normal eating feels like?
  • Have you been told to lose weight for the sake of your health?
  • Do you avoid exercise because you feel ashamed of your body?
  • Do you believe there really is a diet out there somewhere that will provide the slender, healthy, happy life you have worked so hard for?

If you answered ‘yes’ to any of the above then of course it seems reasonable for you to be in search of something that will help you in achieving your weightloss, health and happiness goals.

But consider this;

If there really was a diet that worked perfectly, there would never be a need for another.

The truth is that intentional weight loss through dieting or any other weightloss programme is rarely sustained. Any seasoned dieter will recognise the cycle of weightloss and weight regain. With every cycle of success and failure body weight and emotional distress very often increases.

So if dieting doesn’t work, then what? The good news is, I can offer you a solution! The Kindful Eater philosophy adopts a Non-Diet Approach to health and wellbeing.

What is the Non-Diet Approach?

The Non-Diet Approach is based on Health at Every Size (HAES®) principles and works by guiding you to a place of body acceptance and optimising health and wellbeing through health related behaviours including;

  • Your relationship with food, eating and your body
  • Nutrition
  • Movement
  • Rest
  • Stress management
  • Self-care

This approach is not about dieting and it’s not about controlling your weight. It’s not anti weightloss, just anti the pursuit of weightloss due to the proven poor outcomes associated with dieting and negative impact on both physical and psychological health.

What we know is that when we are taking care of ourselves and focusing on health related behaviours sometimes our bodies change and sometimes they don’t change. The focus here is for you to be at your most healthy in a sustainable way.

Essentially this method can help you to move away from diet related thoughts and behaviours towards a kinder more compassionate way of relating to food and your body.

                                                             Dieting vs Non-Diet Approach

Judgement Kindness
Criticism Compassion
Calorie Counting Internal Body Cues (hunger, fullness, satisfaction)
All or Nothing Thinking Flexibility
Diet Rules Chose Foods for Health, Wellbeing, Satisfaction and Pleasure
Body Shame Body Positive
Weight Focused Wellness Focused
Restriction Variety

What you can expect if you work with me as a Non-Diet Approach Dietitian.

You can expect;

  • Not to be judged.
  • To be really listened to.
  • To have your experiences validated.
  • A collaborative relationship with me as your Dietitian.
  • To be asked lots of questions about your relationship with food, eating and your body. The aim here is to build a picture of you and your current and past experiences with food, eating and dieting behaviour to understand how you can really take care of yourself though food and nourishment.
  • You will not be weighed.
  • Your hopes and desires to lose weight or be a different body size will not be dismissed or undervalued. As a Non-Diet Dietitian I will support you in understanding that you are enough as you are NOW and gently guide you in moving towards respectful care in terms of your health behaviours and the things that really make your life worthwhile.

This individualised approach supports eating in a manner which balances individual nutritional needs, hunger, fullness, appetite and pleasure. It draws together all the things that can help you feel great in both your physical and emotional health. It equips you with the tools to feel in charge of your health and wellbeing whatever is going on for you at any one time and through the many changes we experience as we journey through life.

The Kindful Eater approach can help you with;

  • Forming a healthy relationship with food and your body
  • Emotional or binge eating
  • Non-hungry eating
  • General health and fitness
  • Any diet related medical condition including; raised cholesterol, blood sugar or impaired glucose tolerance.

Why should I consider adopting The Non-Diet Approach?

HAES® and the Non-Diet Approach is gaining momentum worldwide as an evidenced based and credible solution to the current ineffective weight centric paradigm. Fiona is one of a growing number of Dietitians in the UK to have adopted this approach as her specialism.

Substantive data supports the ineffectiveness of dieting and weightloss programmes at producing sustainable weight loss. In addition multiple studies suggest that a focus on weight as a health criterion is often misdirected and harmful.

Clinical trials indicate that a Non-Diet (HAES®) approach is associated with statistically and clinically relevant improvements in physiological (e.g., blood pressure, blood lipids), health (e.g., eating and activity habits, dietary quality), and psychosocial (such as self-esteem and body image) outcomes, and achieves these health outcomes more successfully than dieting or weightloss programmes and without the potential harm associated with a weight focus.

So, what happens next?

If you want to let go of food and eating anxiety, feel better in your body and discover what it means to be your healthiest self, I can guide you towards taking the first steps.

Interested in finding out more or undecided whether this approach is right for you? Please contact Fiona for a free initial discussion.

*This approach is not suitable for use in early recovery for Anorexia Nervosa. Please contact for more details on how Fiona can help.

The Kindful Eater will empower you to:

Feel more positive about yourself and your body.


Enjoy Life enhancing and meaningful movement.


Reconnect with hunger and fullness.


Rediscover enjoyable nutritious eating.


If you want to get off the dieting roundabout and make peace with food and your body, The Kindful Eater offers you the opportunity to ditch the diets for good. To reconnect with the pleasure of eating so you can start enjoying life again.

I can help you take your first step.

Contact Fiona and learn to EAT HAPPY & LIVE WELL.

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