The Kindful Eater


“I was very lucky in being able to find Fiona shortly after I received the results of a blood test that showed that I was at risk of developing diabetes. I was carrying more weight than I was happy with but this came as a real shock to me.

I was scared and so Fiona’s very sensible and practical approach was just what I needed in helping me look at my situation calmly. I knew that I ate inappropriately, but had been locked into ‘misery eating’ for many years.

Fiona suggested that I start to analyse what hunger feels like for me, to become curious about what is actually happening when I get the urge to eat. By being more present I discovered that there was a huge emotional attachment to eating that was not driven by hunger. This had become my default positon.

Following Fiona’s advice I began adding low GI foods to my diet and increased my movement. My bloods were stable three months after the first test. I also lost two and a half stone, which I have maintained.

These things seem to be secondary to the joy I feel at discovering that I can eliminate the sense of being good / thin and bad / fat, from my life. I needed a wake- up call regarding my relationship with food. I did weigh myself weekly at the doctors for the first few months but have stopped doing that now; it’s kind of not about the weight so much. I like this ‘Healthy at any size’ idea. It is liberating and puts me in control of my eating.

 Food was my enemy and my best friend. Now it is food, the thing that I need when I am hungry. I can enjoy food, eat what I need and be mindful of stopping eating when I am satisfied.”

Bev Brown

I have struggled with bulimia and my relationship with food since I was in my late teens. Meeting with Fiona has been a helpful experience as she has helped me challenge some of my core beliefs about food. She takes a refreshing, positive approach to food and diet where no food choice is seen as wrong. At times, I found it difficult to accept this approach however, Fiona’s perseverance and positivity have been infectious and it has helped alleviate some of my feelings of shame”.


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